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lyocell seacell™

Bio-based materials

SeaCell™ an innovative textile fiber composed of seaweed that provides a unique blend of comfort and sustainability.



About lyocell seacell™

SeaCell™ is a seaweed-infused cellulose fiber. This is a plant with anti-inflammatory characteristics that is high in minerals, residual elements, carbs, lipids, and vitamins. The natural seaweed has an energizing element that keeps the skin fresh. The high antioxidant content of SeaCell™ provides a form of immune cell system capable of neutralizing free radicals that attack the skin, causing damage and favoring aging and atopic illnesses. SeaCell™is made entirely of renewable raw materials (wood and seaweed) in an inexpensive and environmentally sustainable manufacturing process, similar to Lyocell. The fiber is carbon neutral and biodegradable.

Environmental impact

  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable
  • Low water consumption
  • When harvested (seaweed) it has a minimal effect on the plantallowing it to completly regrow